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Pramukh Gins remains committed to designing and developing innovative products to meet the cotton ginning handling requirements of both current and emerging markets. To maintain our role as a leader in the design and manufacture of cotton ginning machinery, we will continue to invest in the best equipment and people. That combination is one our competition cannot match.

Research & Development

A strong research and development program is fundamental to innovation. At Pramukh Steel, our innovative muscle derives from a highly trained and experienced research staff backed by a fully equipped laboratory for conducting rigorous performance and endurance testing. Typically, development projects range from endurance testing of new seal materials to performance testing of custom housing geometries. Prototypes are frequently subjected to elevated ambient conditions to simulate actual operating environments and gain more reliable data. Laboratory facilities include dynamometers ranging from 3 to 250 horsepower, two test cells for measuring radial.


Pramukh Steel brings more than a 25 Years of experience in the design and manufacture of Cotton Gin Machinery to each new project. Through experience, we can quickly identify and focus on the critical aspects of every design project and develop an approach to satisfy the most demanding performance requirements. Our engineers use state-of-the-art solid modeling software, design for manufacturing techniques and fast prototype capability to move rapidly from initial concept to first production. Our application design expertise encompasses a broad range of markets, among them:

  • Roller Gin Stand
  • Auto-Feeder For Roller Stand
  • Cotton Baling Press
  • Pre-Cleaner
  • Screw Conveyor systems
  • Lint Cleaner
  • Manufacturing

    Advanced technology is central to our manufacturing operations. Using state-of-the-art equipment and methods translates into speed, uniformity and consistent high quality. Computer numerical control (CNC) machining centers on the factory floor are linked to a central server for rapid loading of machine programs. This direct interface speeds set-up which, in turn, boosts productivity. Automated machining also improves precision in milling, boring, facing, drilling and other critical operations. Greater accuracy and repeatability means consistent high quality — your next MP pump will perform as well as your last.

    Quality Control

    At Pramukh Steel, quality is designed into every component and every gin Machine we build. From concept, through development and on into production, our focus is to provide durable and reliable products that satisfy every customer requirement. Quality is monitored throughout the production process using state-of-the-art gauging systems. Critical points on every production unit receive 100% inspection. All gauges and inspection instruments are calibrated to meet and we conform to inspection system standards when necessary. For nearly two decades, our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) has had an integral role in our quality program. This highly accurate and versatile tool helps us establish and monitor production quality standards.

    Customer Support Worldwide

    Pramukh Steel operates in a global marketplace. We are keenly aware of the need to provide prompt delivery of our products to customers worldwide and have in place an international network of distributors to meet this need. Our computerized inventory control system tracks the more than 10,000 parts we stock in our 20,000 square foot parts warehouse. We also maintain E-mail capability and a site on the worldwide web to speed communication between us, our distributor network and our customers.

    Our Products

    • High Power Double Roller Ginning Machine
    • Raw Cotton Feeding Automatic Trolley System
    • Cotton Pre-Cleaning Machinery (like Pre-Cleaning Machine & Storage Box)
    • Auto Feeder For Double Roller Gin Machine
    • Cotton Super Lint Cleaner Machine
    • High Quality Ginning Machine Parts
    • Conveying System For Supply Raw Cotton In Ginning Unit
    • Cotton Baling Press (Fully Automatic / Semi-Automatic / Manual Press)
    • Manufacturing Of Various Other Machineries & Parts as per drawings
    • High Quality Steel Structure for cotton gin unit
    • Service Lists

      • Provide Engineers For Ginnery & Oil Mill
      • Reparing Facility For All Types Gin Machines
      • Supply Double Roller & Saw Gin Parts
      • Export Facility
      • Provide Electrical Solutions
      • Bulid Strong Steel Structure
      • One Way Solutions For Ginning & Oil Mill


      Year, 2014 Isika hametraka Pramukh Double Roll Machine & Automatic System,Izany no tsara indrindra System Install amin’ny landihazo ginnery.

      Mr,Salim Dhramsi- Owner Cotton Ginnery

      9 juillet 2014 Je vous écris cette lettre pour vous remercier pour votre travail remarquable sur le projet Coton usine d’égrenage. Votre expertise rouleaux de la machine et l’attention au détail étaient extrêmement utiles sur le projet.

      Kamal Butt - C.E.O : Cotton Ginnery, Oil Mill