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PRAMUKH-CSC SEED CLEANER is uniquely designed with two Sieve-boats Screen system maximizing the cleaning efficiency, minimizing the wear and tear and ease of removability & changeability. A single roll feeder is provided to assure even distribution of seed and proper control of seed volume to the cleaner. The aspiration chambers are fitted with waste augers to remove sand, stone, particles, foreign matters, light impurities etc.

removing foreign impurities (seeds of other crop plants and weeds and dead waste) from seed material and breaking the material down in order to identify the most economically valuable seed for planting. With combine harvesting, seed cleaning and sorting begins in the field, in the combine itself. The process is completed at a grain cleaning and drying station after the harvest, and sometimes additional operations are conducted before sowing. Seed cleaning and sorting is done by grain cleaning machines, whose operation is based on differences in dimensions (thickness, width, and length), weight, aerodynamic qualities (seeAERODYNAMICS OF SEEDS), shape, and surface texture of the seeds. Pneumatic sorting tables are used to separate seeds by weight, and a grain cleaning column is used for cleaning seeds from other substances with different aerodynamic properties. Gravity seed cleaners and electromagnetic seed cleaning machines sort the seeds by shape and surface texture.


  • The machine has an integral fan.
  • Common drive train for sieve-boat, trash conveyors and motors.
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    • The screen system consists of two Sieve-boats with multi-flow variable screen system and drive speed which can be adjusted mechanically.
    • Each sieve-boat contains 2 screen layers each consisting of 3 screen parts for ease of handling and removability.
    • The machine is of steel construction with sieve-boats of laminated wood.
    • Material feed roller for regulated feeding.

      • 1. Fan MotoR : 10 HP
      • 2. Screen Size : L x W 800 x 1500 mm
      • 3. Rated CapacitY : 5 TPH on Cotton seed at 7 to 10% Moisture
      • 4. Air Requirements : 6000 CFM– Approximate
      • 5. Screen Area : 14.4 Sq. Meter
      • 6. Motor for Sieve-Boat : 3 HP
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        Year, 2014 Isika hametraka Pramukh Double Roll Machine & Automatic System,Izany no tsara indrindra System Install amin’ny landihazo ginnery.

        Mr,Salim Dhramsi- Owner Cotton Ginnery

        9 juillet 2014 Je vous écris cette lettre pour vous remercier pour votre travail remarquable sur le projet Coton usine d’égrenage. Votre expertise rouleaux de la machine et l’attention au détail étaient extrêmement utiles sur le projet.

        Kamal Butt - C.E.O : Cotton Ginnery, Oil Mill