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Pramukh Steel industries Manufacturer & Exporter Cotton Ginning Machinery Fully Automatic Plant. We are biggest supplier of double roller ginning machine, cotton per-cleaner, cotton lint-cleaner, cotton air-saprator, blower, High Quality Cotton Baling Press or more automatic machinery.

This is system is best for continuous out put of cotton lint, our double roller ginning machine with autofeeder this machine give best quality cotton lint (long and short staple) both size lint avalable in this machine.

In india all cotton ginning factory use only Double Roller Ginning Machine, now in africa all ginners change saw ginning machine, & install double roller ginning systems, why because of saw gin machine always given short staple cotton lint and high maintanance. Roller Gin system is very easy & given low maintanance also given short & long staple cotton lint so Roller Ginning Machinery is best for all ginning.